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So, Jeni, I bought your book. And took a five mile bike ride to find a pint of Salty Caramel. Planning on attending the event at Omnivore Books this Wednesday as well! We could be friends, except for the whole Cleveland thing. And the tapioca starch.



Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee and a two headed cow rewarded the two mile trek!


Lime Spearmint sorbet and tips on ice cream freezing techniques at the Ferry Building farmers’ market. Thanks, Scream!


Feel like we’re officially in San Francisco now! A dish of Strawberry Balsamic and Creme Fraiche in Dolores Park will likely be a regular activity.


A Plum and Earl Grey Tea sundae with ginger syrup and ginger chocolate shavings was a cool dessert for the hot night market at ForageSF. Keep up the goodness,


A light corner shop in Dogpatch, this husband and wife-run shop was hopping! Brightly flavored with fun toppings, a scoop of Rum Raisin rewarded a long afternoon hike.


Strawberry Je Ne Sais Quoi– tres bien! A pleasant pint of strawberries, cream, and balsamic vinegar exceeded this eater’s expectations. Hello, Northern California!